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44 Zion Y.
44 Modern Talking.

File Size (Mbyte) Date/time Length (Hour, Min, Sec) Bitrate (kbps) Channel (mono/stereo) Sampling frequency
44.mp3 3.702.12.19 20:33:24
Blacksabat.mp3 3.603.05.21 20:16:530:03:50128S44
Bab.mp3 20:17:48
Safar.mp3 4.603.09.05 08:35:250:04:49128S44
Kal.mp3 5.902.11.20 22:46:08
Shes Like The Wind.mp3 06:18:170:05:21128S44
Nem Az.mp3 4.602.12.30 02:48:080:04:49128S44
Skitnice.mp3 3.603.04.13 04:07:220:03:45128S44
Djaligator.mp3 4.303.06.24 17:03:17
Fi.mp3 4.703.06.24 17:05:20
Dr.mp3 12:17:020:29:39 32S22
Vietnamese.mp3 4.604.03.06 10:50:14
Mika Relax.mp3 4.303.12.23 23:41:290:04:30128S44
Pe Cine Am Eu Doamne.mp3 0.602.10.14 20:02:170:01:17 64S22
Solyom.mp3 6.504.02.06 07:55:270:13:32 64M44
Baqi.mp3 4.603.04.20 23:41:580:04:49128S44
Savarkhed Ek Gaon.mp3 3.60:03:50128S44
Govindu Bolo.mp3 4.30:04:33128S44
X Pac.mp3 4.20:04:23128S44
To Heaven.mp3 4.30:04:33128S44
Elle Danse.mp3 7.300.07.31 04:23:590:06:09160S44
Greek.mp3 3.399.11.18 00:26:220:04:41 96S44
Vibekinkz.mp3 6.302.02.03 12:33:310:06:35128S44
Scoty.mp3 1.903.04.01 08:55:130:02:01128S44
Discoteka Boom.mp3 4.702.02.03 12:24:210:04:53128S44

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